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CALC 1 Overview

CALC 1 uses multiple calculators so each calculator has the most important keys for that task on the top 2-3 rows.

Focused Calculators

Each Focused Calculator has a different set of keys on the top 2-3 rows. Each Focused Calculator has it's own documentation.

The index of all Focused Calculators can be found here.

Function Calculators

The top row of the Function Calculators are for a single function. The top left key (under the CALC 1 button) evaluates that function. The other keys on the top row are for storing the parameter values. You can also 'solve' for a parameter value given a result or create a plot as a function of any parameter.

The index of all Function Calculators can be found here.

See the Function Calculators General Help for details.

Form Calculators

Form Calculators let you view all of the values and labels at once.

There are also 2 HP reproduction calculators, the HP 12CP and the HP 10bii.

The Form and reproduction calculators share financial values (N, I/YR, PV, PMT, FV,...) with their corresponding Focused Calculators so you can easily switch between them without having to re enter values.

The index of all Form Calculators can be found here.

Key Preview

For the TVM calculators and all Function Calculations the value that is stored, recalled or calculated is displayed on the key under the label. Also tapping the STO or RCL key will display the value for the storage variable.


To help you with the hundreds of solutions CALC 1 provides, there are hints for every key.

diplay showing hint

To see a key's function, touch and hold the key and a hint will appear in the display. Drag your finger completely off the key if don't want to execute the command, otherwise just lift your finger and the command will be executed.


If you make a mistake you can undo the last command. You can press the RCL key, and if there is an undo action available, you will see it on the middle key of the bottom row. Press the STO key for a redo action if available. CALC 1 also supports the iOS standard 'shake gesture' for undo.


Tap three

to open the CALC 1 help page for that calculator. An internet connection is required.

There are also help buttons for most forms.

At the top of every page there is a search field to help find anything on the site.

If you cannot find an answer on the documentation site, use the Contact link.

Calculation Modes

From Options you can choose chain (CHN), algebraic (ALG) or reverse polish notation (RPN) as the calculation mode.

Display Format of Numbers

CALC 1 display options can be set in the Options view. You have the 3 number styles (None, Decimal and Scientific), the number of digits and rows to display.


Navigating CALC 1

CALC 1 used standard iOS navigation. Pressing the back button button on the upper left corner of a calculator will navigate back to the list of calculators.

On the iPad, the navigation is on the left side of the display when in landscape. In portrait, swipe the top toolbar to see the navigation menu.

Calculator Lists

In addition to selecting calculators, you can tap the info button to edit the calculator. The edit button on the Calculator List allows you to reorder the list or add new calculators.

Reordering your calculator list makes it easier to use the "swipe" gesture to quickly switch between your favorite calculators.

You can check the Downloads for new calculators and updates.


iphone toolbar

The toolbar has shortcuts to the Currency and UOM Form Calculators and the utility views for the History, last History Detail,  List Manager and Options respectively.

On the iPad you can also access these utilities from the navigation list on the left.