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CALC 1 History and Sharing

The History lists shows a summary of the last 200 calculations. This is a great place to recall recent values.

The list will show you the results of the calculation (x value) the calculator and key.

Tapping on a row will recall the result to the x register.

history list

Tapping on the sort button, , will toggle between sorting by date and with the "kept" (see below) items at the top.

History Details

Tapping on the info button,, will display the details of the calculation:


history item detail

This is where you can verify, share and restore the results of a calculation.

Restoring Input Values

You can restore input values from the history details. There is no need to remember to "save" a calculation to review later. CALC 1 automatically saves the inputs to all of your calculations.

will restore the inputs. This will work for all of the Function Calculators, the TVM and Percentages Focused Calculators and the Form Calculators, the statistical lists will also be restored.
If the history item contains an algebraic expression the expression will be restored. 

Sharing Results

The action button will display a standard iOS sharing activity view. An activity view shows only extensions relevant to the current context for the applications on your device.  Typically sharing the results to the Notes app is a good choice to keep a record of calculations for future reference or to add your comments.

Keeping Results

"keep" will keep the history item. Otherwise CALC 1 keeps the most recent 200 history items. The button will change to "~keep". In the History list the item will have a "(K)" prefix. Tapping the sort button in the history list will display the kept items at the top of the list.

Buttons on customizable version for ALG calculation mode expressions

Create Key

This button will create a custom key from the algebraic expression.  Tapping this button will present an alert box where you can enter a key label and hint for the key. You can then paste the key on a calculator. Read Copy and Paste keys for more information.

 Create Fn

This button will create a Function Calculator from the algebraic expression. Tapping this button will present an alert box where you can enter a function name and Title. Then navigate to the Function Calculator list to use the new Function Calculator.  Read Function Calculator Editor for more information on how to customized the Function Calculator. Note that the expression can only be a single statement and not multiple statements that might be created with the Expression Editor.