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HP 12CP Calculator

This is a reproduction of the HP 12CP (Platinum)

Our design goal was to give users a clean 12CP that they could feel comfortable with immediately without the awkward additions found on other iOS implementations of this HP classic. Since CALC 1 contains so many tools for calculations, we did not need to add anything to 12CP reproduction. We just share the stack, TVM values and some storage registers so the user can switch between the 12CP and the many CALC 1 tools.

The examples and instructions in the HP manual will apply to this reproduction with these differences / enhancements:

How the 12CP fits in with CALC 1

Shared values

Sharing values allows you to use the 12CP to calculate a payment, then switch to the Amortization Form Calculator to generate a amortization table or graph without re-entering the values. This is just one example of the many tools available in CALC 1.

CALC 1 has separate TVM calculators for annual rate with payments and compounding periods per year and TVM calculators with periodic rates, like the 12CP. When you exit the 12CP, the CALC 1 annual rate is set by multiplying the 12CP periodic rate times the CALC 1 payments per year (P/YR). When you enter the 12CP, only the CALC 1 periodic rate is copied over.

Shared Options

The CALC 1 options are read when the 12C loads. So changes to the CALC 1 Options page while the 12C is loaded (only on an iPad) will not be seen by the 12C until it is loaded. Changes from the 12C options (RPN, ALG, number of digits) will be copied from the 12C to the CALC 1 settings when the 12C is unloaded.

This calculator uses the second and third formula in Time Value of Money Compound Interest Formulas.