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CALC 1 Formula Calculators

The CALC 1 formula calculators are dedicated to a single formula with store, recall and solve keys for each parameter as well as the result. You can also easily create a graph of the formula by entering the range and selecting the independent variable.

If there is a formula calculator that you would like to be included, please use the contact form to request it. It would help a great deal if you can provide the formula and test examples. A link to a web site usually works.


  1. Effective Interest Rate
  2. Effective Interest Rate-Continuous
  3. Simple Interest Loan - Days
  4. Simple Interest Loan - Actual
  5. Simple Interest Loan - NASD
  6. Simple Interest Loan - EURO
  7. SLN Function Straight Line Depreciation
  8. SYD Function Sum of the Years Depreciation
  9. DDB Function Declining Balance Depreciation
  10. Payment for Odd First Period
  11. Price Formula 7
  12. Black-Scholes Call
  13. Black-Scholes Put
  14. Present Value of a Graduated Annuity Due
  15. Present Value of a Graduated Regular Annuity
  16. Future Value of a Graduated Annuity Due
  17. Future Value of a Graduated Regular Annuity
  18. Number of Periods
  19. Present Value
  20. Payment
  21. Future Value


  1. Percent Change
  2. Percent Change with Periods
  3. Percent of Total
  4. Markup as Percent of Cost
  5. Markup as Percent of Price
  6. Profit Margin
  7. Breakeven
  8. Cost of Not Taking a Cash Discount
  9. Economic Order Quantity
  10. Newsvendor Model for a Uniform Distribution
  11. Newsvendor Model for a Normal Distribution
  12. Newsvendor Model for a Lognormal Distribution


  1. Linear Function
  2. Logarithmic Function
  3. Exponential Function
  4. Power Function
  5. Exponent Function
  6. Inverse Function
  7. 2nd Degree Polynomial
  8. 3rd Degree Polynomial

Energy Savings

  1. Fuel Savings
  2. Annual Cost of Lighting

Statistical Distributions

Statistical Distributions Overview

  1. Normal Distribution PDF
  2. Normal Distribution CDF
  3. Normal Distribution CDF Upper Tail
  4. Normal Distribution CDF for 2 Tails
  5. Normal Distribution CDF for 2 Values
  6. Student T Distribution CDF
  7. Student T Distribution CDF 2 Tails
  8. Log Normal Distribution CDF
  9. Binomial Distribution PMF
  10. Binomial Distribution CDF
  11. Poisson Distribution PMF
  12. Poisson Distribution CDF

Probability and Statistics

  1. Combinations
  2. Permutations
  3. Moneyline Probability
  4. Probability of Odds
  5. Kelly Bet


  1. DAYS Function
  2. DAYS360 Function
  3. BMI kg m
  4. BMI lb in
  5. NFL QB Rating
  6. NCAA QB Rating
  7. Elo Expected Score
  8. Dew Point ℃
  9. Dew Point ℉