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Present Value of a Graduated Regular Annuity Calculator

This Formula Calculator calculates the present value of series of payment that increase at a constant rate with the first payment at the end of period 0.


Formula: pv((1+fcRate/100) /(1+fcGrowth / 100) - 1, fcnper, fcpmt, 0, 0)/(1+fcGrowth/100)

PV / fcPv : The present value.
N / fcNper : The number of periods.
i% / fcRate : The periodic rate.
PMT / fcPmt : The base periodic payment at the beginning of period zero. This payment increases by g% each period.
g% / fcGrowth : The periodic growth rate of the payment.

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Example 1

"You are considering the purchase of an investment that will pay $1,000 after one year, and then 4 additional payments that grow at a rate of 3% per year to account for expected inflation. If your required return is 8% per year, what is the value of this investment?"
(Graduated Annuities Using Excel -

Value Keystrokes Display Description
5 N 5.00 Stores the N value.
8 i% 8.00 Stores the i% value.
1000 PMT 1,000.00 Stores the PMT value.
3 g% 3.00 Stores the g% value.
  PV -4,220.35 Calculates the present value.

Example 2

If you are able to purchase the investment for $4,000, what would your return be?

Value Keystrokes Display Description
-4000 PV -4,000.00 Stores the PV value.
  i% 10.02 Calculates the periodic rate.


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