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Economic Order Quantity Calculator

Calculates the order quantity that minimizes the total holding costs and ordering costs.


Formula: sqrt(2*fcd*fck/(cpu*ccp/100))

Q: The optimal order quantity
D: The annual demand quantity
K: The fixed cost per order, setup cost
P: The purchase unit price, unit production cost
cc%: The carrying cost percentage


For and annual requirement quantity (D) = 10000 units, cost per order (K) = $2, cost per unit (P)= $8 and a carrying cost percentage of 2%

Value Key Display Description
2 cc% 2.00 Stores the carrying cost percentage%.
8 P 8.00 Stores the purchase unit price.
2 K 2.00 Stores the fixed cost per order.
EE4 D 10,000.00 Stores the annual demand quantity
  Q 500.00 Calculates the optimal order quantity


Reference: Economic order quantity - Wikipedia