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Markup as Percent of Cost Calculator

Calculates markup as a percent of cost.


Formula: 100 * (Prc - Cst) / Cst

Cst: The cost.

Prc: The price.

Example 1

Given a cost of 100 and a price of 150, what is the markup percent?

Value Keystrokes Display Description
100 cost 100.0000 Stores the value.
150 price 150.0000 Stores the value.
  mu% 50.0000 Calculates the markup %.

Example 2

If the markup is 40%, what is the price?

These keystrokes assume the values from example 1.


Value Keystrokes Display Description
40 mu% 40.0000 Stores the value.
  price 140.0000 Calculates the price.