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CALC 1 General Math Calculator

This is a general calculator that features a "+ Pct" and "M+" key that adds numbers to the List Manager so you can review and edit your entries.

The "+ Pct" is used for percentage calculations for a fixed, often used percentage. Calculating sales tax is a good application for the "+ Pct" key.

See Using the "+ Pct" and "+ x%" Keys On the Math: General Calculator

See Percentage Change and Percent of Total Calculations. for examples on using the %T and Δ% keys.

The "M+" key can be used to add a list of values. The advantage of using the M+ key over entering a "123+456+...." formula is that you can review and correct the individual values using the List Manager and get an updated sum without having to re-enter all of the values if you make a mistake.

M+ Example

To Press Display
Start by Clearing the M+ list. Shift CM  
Append to the list. 123 M+ 123.00
Append to the list. 456 M+ 579.00
Append a negative value to the list. 78 Shift M- 501.00


Note that the display is updated with the sum of the list. Tap "RM" to recall the sum as needed.

You can use the List Manager to review the values you entered to verify them and correct individual values.

On an iPhone tap the key on the toolbar to display the List Manager. If you do not have the toolbar, the List Manager is available from the main menu.

M% Example

This assumes that the value of 501.00 from the first example.

To Press Display
Calculate the percentage of the total. 200 M% 39.92


For the shift keys:

Using the "long press" gesture will display a hint about any key. (Video: Displaying a hint) You can inspect the Key Details to see the formulas and functions for any key.

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