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Using the "+ Pct" and "+ x%" Keys On the Math: General Calculator

The "+ Pct" Key

The "+ Pct" is used for percentage calculations for a fixed, often used percentage. Calculating sales tax is a good application for the "+ Pct" key.

You store the sales tax rate once, then you can calculate the tax and total with tax with one key stroke.

These examples use the Math: General Calculator

To Press (CHN, ALG or RPN) Display x Display y
Store a percentage of 6.75% 6.75 STO Pct 6.75  
Calculate "tax and total" on 100 100 +Pct 106.75 6.75
Calculate "tax and total" on 95.26 95.26 +Pct 101.69 6.43

In CHN or RPN mode, the y value is displayed if you have more than 1 row of the stack displayed.

In ALG mode, tap SWAP to see the y value. Pressing SWAP swaps the x and y registers.

The "+ x%" Key

The "+ x%" Key is similar to the "+ Pct key except that you enter the rate to be used in the x register to calculate % plus total.

To Press (CHN, ALG) Press (RPN) Display x Display y
Calculate "tax and total" on 100 with 6.75% tax rate 100 = 6.75 [+x%] 100 ENTER 6.75 [+x%] 106.75 6.75
Calculate "tax and total" on 95.26 with 6.5% tax rate 95.26 = 6.5 [+x%] 95.26 ENTER 6.5 [+x%] 101.45 6.19