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CALC 1 Viewing Key Details

Key details include the items in the key editor. These details include the formulas used, the label and hint for the key and if it should have undo support.

The key details view allow you to see exactly what formulas and functions are being used when you tap a key.

From the key editor you can also modify or create keys.

To view the details of a key perform the following steps:

(Video:Navigating to the Key Editor)

Navigate to the Calculator List

calculator list

Tap the blue info button chevron button for the calculator that has the key you wish to edit.

This will display the calculator editor.

calculator editor

Now tap the key you want to view the details of. You may need to tap shift key, sto keyor rcl key to see the key you want.

This will display the Key Editor for that key.


key editor


Only keys that you can edit will cause the key editor to be displayed.