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CALC 1 Date Keys

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CALC 1 has the following keys for date calculations:

none key'

Calculates a date by adding x days to the date in y (YYYYMMDD) and the day of the week(1 = Monday) in y.

DATE Key Example

Calculate the date 100 days after Feb 25, 2015.

Value Keystrokes Display Description
  shift + none   Sets the number format to "none". This can also be set in options. This is optional.
150225 = (CHN, ALG)
150225.00 Enters Feb 25, 2015 in YYMMDD format
100 shift DATE 20150605.00 Displays June 6, 2015 in YYYYMMDD format
  SWAP 5.00 Displays the day of the week, 5 = Friday.

Tap shift then the "dec" key to return to decimal format.

dec key

Calculates the number of actual days from date y to date x. The base 360 days to y.

ΔDYS Key Example

Calculate the number of days between March 15 and July 1 of the current year.

Value Keystrokes Display Description
315 = (CHN, ALG)
315.00 Enters March 15 of the current year in YYMMDD format. Since the year is not entered, the current year is used.
701 shift + ΔDYS 108.00 Enters July 1 of the current year.
Then calculates the number of days between the dates.
108 actual days
  SWAP (optional) 106.00 106 base 30/360 days.
SWAP is only needed in ALG mode or if you only have 1 line of the stack displayed.

The "today" Key

dec key

key will enter the current date in YYYMMDD format. This is useful for calculating days from the current date.

Date Entry

CALC 1 uses the ISO 8601 YYYYMMDD format for entering dates. This is a common date format that most users around the world are familiar with.

For example, April 28, 2004 is entered as 40428. June 4, 2018 is entered as 180604.

Date Entry Shortcuts

If you omit the first two years (the century) of YYYY, CALC 1 will use the current century, 20. This is a common truncated representation.

If you omit the entire YYYY, CALC 1 will use the current year.

Using the "long press" gesture will display a hint about any key. (Video: Displaying a hint) You can inspect the Key Details to see the formulas and functions for any key.