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Financial Amortization Focused Calculator

This calculator focuses amortization calculations of interest, principal and balances for a given range of payments, interest rate, present value and payment amount.

Using the "long press" gesture will display a hint about any key. (Video: Displaying a hint) You can inspect the Key Details to see the formulas and functions for any key.

See the Amortization Calculation Examples for additional information on this calculator.

This focused calculator is an improvement over the AMRT key on the TVM calculator since you do not need to calculate the amortization in sequence. You also do not need to reset the PV or N at any time. You just set PER1 and PER2 either individually or using the Next P key.

It is highly recommended that the Amortization Form Calculator be used since it produces complete tables of results that can be graphed.


Top rows


Label Description
AMORT Calculates the amortization for periods PER1 to PER2, interest in x, principal in y and balance in z.
Next P Calculates and stores the next values for PER1 and PER2.
INT Calculates the interest paid from per1 to per2.
PRIN Calculates the principal paid from PER1 to PER2.
BAL Calculates the balance after per2 payments.
Calculates the square root of x.
%T Calculates what percentage x is of y.
Δ% Calculates the percent change from y to x.
SWAP Swaps the x and y registers.
÷ Divides y by x.
ROLL Rolls the stack down.
× Multiplies y times x.
Subtracts x from y.
% Calculates the x percent of y.
+ Adds y to x.


With shift


Label Description
×P/YR Multiplies x times the number of payments per year and stores the result as the number of periods, N.
Init P Sets the initial values of PER1 = 1 and PER2 = P/YR.
Calculates x squared.
y^x Calculates y raised to power of x.
1/x Calculates the reciprocal of x.
last x Recalls the 'last x' value.
clr m Clears all of the user memory.
clr s Clears the stack registers (x, y, z, t).
RND Rounds x to the number of digits displayed.
clr f Clears the financial registers.
RND(2) Rounds x to 2 places.
BEG Sets the payment mode to BEGIN indicating that payments are made at the beginning of the compounding periods.
INTG Calculates the integer part of x.
DEC x Sets the number of decimal places to the value in x.
END Sets the payment mode to END indicating that payments are made at the end of the compounding periods.
FRAC Calculates the fractional part of x.


With STO


Label Description
N Stores x as the number of periods.
I/YR Stores x as the interest rate per year.
PV Stores the present value.
PMT Stores the payment.
P/YR Stores the payments per year and compounding periods per year.
PER1 Stores x as period 1.
PER2 Stores x as period 2.