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CalcFxC Linear Curve Fitting Calculator

This calculator focuses on calculations for linear curve fitting.

y = intercept + slope * x


sum plus is used to append the x and y reg values to the x and y lists.

For y=54 and x=4:




sum plus


See the Linear Curve Fitting Examples for additional information on this calculator.

Using the "long press" gesture will display a hint about any key. (Video: Displaying a hint) You can inspect the Key Details to see the formulas and functions for any key.

The List Manager is used to inspect and edit the lists.


Top rows


Label Description
y est Extrapolates a value for y for the given x based on existing values in the x, y lists.
crrl Calculates the correlation coefficient between lists x, y.
slope Calculates the slope of the linear regression for the lists x, y.
intrcp Calculates the intercept of the linear regression line for the lists x, y.
Σ+ Append x and y to lists x, y.
Calculates the square root of x.
y^x Calculates y raised to power of x.
1/x Calculates the reciprocal of x.
SWAP Swaps the x and y registers.
÷ Divides y by x.
ROLL Rolls the stack down.
× Multiplies y times x.
Subtracts x from y.
% Calculates the x percent of y.
+ Adds y to x.


With shift


Label Description
x est Extrapolates a value for x for the given y based on existing values in the x, y lists.
Σx,y Calculates the sum of lists x, y.
N Calculates the count of lists x, y.
min Calculates the minimum value of lists x, y.
max Calculates the maximum value of lists x, y.
last x Recalls the 'last x' value.
clr m Clears all of the user memory.
clr s Clears the stack registers (x, y, z, t).
clr l Clears the x and y lists.
Δ% Calculates the percent change from y to x.


With STO