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CALC 1 Statistics: 2 Lists Examples

Calculate the sum and correlation for the following data:

2 33
3 42
4 54
5 64
6 77


Data Entry
Value Key Display Description
  shift clr l 0 Clears the x and y lists.
33 = or ENTER 33.0000 Enters y value.
2 Σ+ 1.0000 Append x and y to lists x and y.
42 = or ENTER 42.0000 Enters y value.
3 Σ+ 2.0000 Append x and y to lists x and y.
Repeat for the remaining data.

Data can be verified and corrected using the List Manager.

The calculations below that measure central tendency and spread return values for both the x and y lists to the x and y registers of the stack. In RPN mode, both values will be displayed as long as 2 or more rows are displayed. ALG mode only displays the x register of the stack, so you will need to tap SWAP to see the y register value.

Calculations of mean
mean 54.0000 y
4.0000 x
Calculates the mean of lists x, y.
Σx,y 270.00 y
20.00 x
Calculates the sum of lists x, y.
var 303.50 y
2.50 x
Calculates the sample variance of lists x, y.


Calculations of Correlation...
crrl 0.9984 Calculates the correlation coefficient between lists x, y.
covar 22.00 Calculates the covariance of lists x, y.
w mn 59.50 Calculates the weighted mean of list y.


The curve fitting calculators can be used on this data: