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CALC 1 Statistical Distributions Overview

Discrete Statistical Distribution Formula Calculators

Distribution PMF CDF
Binomial Binomial Dist PMF Binomial Dist CDF
Geometric Geometric Dist PMF Geometric Dist CDF
Negative Binomial Negative Binomial Dist PMF  
Hypergeometric Hypergeometric Dist PMF  
Poisson Poisson Dist PMF Poisson Dist CDF

Continuous Statistical Distribution Formula Calculators

Distribution PDF CDF
Normal Normal Dist PDF Normal Dist CDF
Normal Dist CDF Upper Tail
Normal Dist CDF 2 Tails
Normal Dist CDF Two Values
Exponential Exponential Dist PDF Exponential Dist CDF
Gamma Gamma Dist PDF Gamma Dist CDF
Weibull Weibull PDF Weibull CDF
Log Normal   Log-Normal Dist CDF
Beta   Beta Dist CDF
Chi-Squared   Chi-Squared Dist CDF Upper Tail
T Distribution   Student's T Dist CDF
Student's T Dist CDF 2 Tails
F Distribution   F Dist CDF Upper Tail

Since these calculators can solve for any variable, many of the CDF calculators can also calculate the inverse functions.

Statistical distribution are used in many forms. Most of these Function Calculators are JavaScript functions "wrapping" a c1 function (See CALC 1 c1 Object Reference, Probability and Statistics Functions) that is compatible with the spreadsheet function for that distribution.

If you think that another Function Calculator is needed for a distribution, please contact us.

Since CALC 1 is customizable, you can also consider customizing an existing Function Calculator by duplicating an existing Function Calculator.

For example, the body of the Normal Dist CDF Function Calculator is:

return c1.normdist(x, mean, sd, 1);

and the body of the Normal Dist CDF Upper Tail Function Calculator is:

return 1 - c1.normdist(x, mean, sd, 1);

So if you have experience using the spreadsheet functions, modifying Functions Calculators to fit your requirements is something to consider.