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Breakeven Calculator

Calculates the profit and solves for breakeven values.



fc: Fixed costs.

vc: Variable cost per unit.

p: Unit price.

q: quantity.

Example 1

For a

Calculate the profit


Value Keystrokes Display Description
3000 fc 3000.00 Stores the fixed cost value.
15 vc 15.00 Stores the variable costs.
20 p 20.00 Stores the unit price.
500 q 500.00 Stores the quantity.
  pft -500.00 Calculates profit.

Example 2

Find the breakeven quantity for example 1.

Setting profit to 0 allows you to solve for the breakeven quantity. You can also solve for the other breakeven values.

These keystrokes assume the values from example 1.


Value Keystrokes Display Description
0 pft 0.00 Stores the pft value.
  q 600 Calculates the quantity.