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CALC 1 Time Value of Money Calculator

This calculator focuses on time value of money calculations using annual interest rate, payments per year and compounding periods per year. It also performs amortization calculations for 2 given periods.

This is similar to how TVM is calculated with the TI BAII and HP-10B or HP-17B.

See the TVM Introduction Video for a demonstration of calculating a loan payment, auto store, restoring from the history details and sharing results.

See the Time Value of Money (TVM) Overview for general TVM information.

See the Time Value of Money Examples for examples on how to use this calculator.

See the Amortization Examples for additional information on this calculator. This calculator calculates interest, principle and balance for any two periods. It also shares data with the Amortization From Calculator that will generate tables and graphs.

Also see the Time Value of Money Form Calculator.

This calculator uses the first formula in Time Value of Money Compound Interest Formulas.

All of these calculators share the same values so you can start a calculation with one calculator and then switch to the other without having to re-enter the values. This applies to the HP reproduction calculators, 12C and 10bii.

This calculator has "STO/RCL tvm" keys that will store all of the TVM values (N, I/YR, PV, PMT, FV, P/YR, C/YR, PER1, PER2 BEG/END). This can be used to STO different initial values or quickly switch between different scenarios.

The TVM values support register arithmetic.

For the other keys:

Calculation Methods Used by CALC 1

Also see

Storing and Recalling Numbers.