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CALC 1 Styles

This option allow the user to select the key color for each group of keys.

This screen allows you to choose a style for your Focused and Function Calculators.

A sample of each style can be found here: Styles Examples.

Custom Styles

You can customize a style by selecting key images for each type of key.

Begin by duplicating an existing style with a 'left swipe' gesture:

The duplicate style will appear at the bottom of the list.

Tapping on the info button,, will display the styles editor:


Here, you can choose the key image for each of the key categories. Group Keys allow a different key image for keys that are part of a group, like the TVM keys and Function Calculators.

Space Between Keys is usually set for the keys with rounded corners, but it can also be set for other keys.

You can edit the group name by tapping in the name text field.