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CALC 1 List Manager

The list manager allows you to view and edit the lists of numbers used for statistical and financial functions.

Tap this button on the iPhone toolbar. On the iPad you can access it from the main menu.


list manager

Pressing the Edit button allows you to select values to delete. You can also use the "left swipe" gesture to display the delete key for that row. You can also change the order of the values for financial cash flows (list f). This is standard for iOS.

The x, x-y, y and f tabs at the top are used to view the respective lists.

You can copy the list and paste it into a note or email.

You can paste values from the clipboard. Pasting values appends the new values to the list.

You can undo the Paste and Clear with the standard iOS shake gesture or the Undo button.

Tap the refresh key to refresh the list. This is useful in a split view (iPad) where the List manager is in the master view and a calculator is in the detail view.

Tap the + key to add a new value.

The x-y Tab

The x and y list must be the same size to use this tab.

Copy and paste will assume the data is in two columns.

See this video,

Editing with the List Manager

for a demonstration on editing.