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CALC 1 History Details and Restoring Inputs

The History lists shows a summary of the last 200 calculations.

The list will show you the results of the calculation (x value) the calculator and key.

Tapping on a row will recall the result to the x register.

history list

Tapping on the sort button, , will toggle between sorting by date and with the "kept" (see below) items at the top.

History Details

Tapping on the info button,, will display the details of the calculation:


history item detail

This is where you can verify the results of a calculation.

Restoring Input Values

You can restore input values from the history details. There is no need to remember to "save" a calculation to review later. CALC 1 automatically saves the inputs to all of your calculations.

will restore the inputs. This will work for all of the Formula Calculators, the TVM and Bond Focused Calculators and the Form Calculators. Although the statistical lists are not shown, it the formula contains a list (listx, listy, listf) the list will also be restored. To restore the inputs to a formula calculator, have the calculator open, otherwise it will restore the last values used. Deleted calculators can also be restored.

will copy a tab delimited record of the inputs, including the statistical or cash flow lists.

"keep" will keep the history item. Otherwise CALC 1 keeps the most recent 200 history items. The button will change to "~keep". In the History list the item will have a "(K)" prefix. Tapping the sort button in the history list will display the kept items at the top of the list.

You can copy all or part of the summary to paste in a note or email.

The printing function requires a printer that supports AirPrint.

Editing the History Item Name

You can edit the History Item Name that will appear in the History List. It is the top field above the "Source" field. Just tap on the old name and enter a new name.