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Calculations Using the Chain (CHN) Calculation Mode

Calculations in Chain mode are interpreted in the order in which they are entered.

For example, entering the following numbers and operations as written from left to right, "1+2×3=" returns 9 and when you tap ×, the 1+2 is evaluated.

Tapping an operator key, (+, -, ×, ÷) after =, the calculation is continued using the currently displayed value.

Examples of Math Operations

To Press (display) Display
Add 6+4 6+4= 10.00
Subtract 6-4 6-4= 2.00
Multiply 6×4 6×4= 24.00
Divide 6÷4 6÷4= 1.5
Chain calculation 6+4×2 6+4×2

Power 31.25 3 y^x 1.25 = (3^1.25) 3.95
Find percent with percent add-on: 498+7% 498+7%
Find percent with percent discount: 69.99-10% 69.99-10%
Find percent: 4% of $453 453×4%
Find percent ratio: 14 to 25 14÷25%
Use parentheses: 7 * (3 + 5) 7×(3+5= 56.00
Square Root √15.5 15.5√ 3.94
Add to the last result 3.94+2 +2= 5.94
Using previous results from the stack 2+3÷[ROLL]
Start with a negative sign -10+4 10[+/-]+4
Add a square root (or other unary function) 5+2√
Use EE for large numbers 100000÷2 EE5÷2= 50,000.00


Tap the "del" key to delete the last number entered. Shift - "clr x" clears the entire pending operation.

The top row keys for the Formula Calculators and TVM Focused Calculators will also use Auto STO to automatically evaluate formulas and store them without having to press =, then STO.

Tapping unary function keys (√, ln, exp, ...) will operate on the currently entered number. The key hint will display [=] if a pending expression will be evaluated before the key is executed.

Right parenthesis are only necessary if you wish to view the results between the matching left parenthesis. The number of pending parenthesis is only limited by calculator memory and display.

Tapping the ROLL key will enter previous results from the stack to the current number.

The ENTER key can be used to push the current number onto the stack for keys that use 2 values, like %T and

The SWAP key can be used to position two value keys like %T, Δ%. See Percentage Change and Percent of Total Calculations.

Tapping STO + (a storage key) will evaluate the current expression before storing the value.

Recalling a value using RLC or from history will enter the value as the current value. See Storing and Recalling Numbers.

After tapping =, tapping RCL will display "Undo =" on the wide ENTER key. Tapping it will restore the expression to it's state before = was tapped. This also applies to most other keys. Tapping STO will display the "Redo" action, if available. This also applies to operator keys that cause the previous operation to be evaluated. So after 6.00×4÷, (displays 24.00÷) tapping RCL will show "Undo ×". Tapping it will restore the display to "6.00×4".