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Calculations Using Algebraic Formulas

These examples also apply when you tap the "=f" key in RPN mode.

CALC 1 uses the same standard order of operation that popular spreadsheets and computer languages use.

Examples of Math Operations

To Press (display) Display
Add 6+4 6+4= 10.00
Subtract 6-4 6-4= 2.00
Multiply 6×4 6×4= (6*4) 24.00
Divide 6÷4 6÷4= (6/4) 1.5
Power 31.25 3 y^x 1.25 = (3^1.25) 3.95
Find percent with percent add-on: 498+7% 498+7%= 532.86
Find percent with percent discount: 69.99-10% 69.99-10%= 62.99
Find percent: 4% of $453 453×4%= (453*4%) 18.12
Find percent ratio: 14 to 25 14÷25%= (14/25%) 56.00
Use parentheses: 7 * (3 + 5) 7*(3+5= 56.00
Square Root √15.5 √15.5= (sqrt(15.5) 3.94
Add to the last result 3.94+2 +2= (rgx()+2) 5.94
Start with a negative sign -10+4 +/- 10+4 =(-10+4) -6.00
Use EE for large numbers 100000÷2 1EE5÷2= (1E5/2) 50,000.00

Tap the "del" key to delete the last number entered. Shift - "Clr f" clears the pending formula.

Starting with an operator (+, -, ×, ÷, ^) will insert rgx() before the operator. rgx() is the value of register x in the stack. This is the "ans" or "last" value used in some calculators.

To start a formula with a negative sign, tap the +/- key at any time while entering the number.

shift f() will display a list of all functions to insert in the formula.

Some keys will calculate the formula to put the result in the x register, then evaluate the formulas of that key.

The key hints will display a [=] when the formula will be evaulated. The hint will display what will be inserted when applicable. [inserts:'sqrt(']

The top row keys for the Formula Calculators and TVM Focused Calculators will also use Auto STO to automatically evaluate formulas and store them without having to press =, then STO.

Note that if you do not balance the parentheses that one (and only one) right parenthesis, ), will be appended to the end of the formula. This is only for "ad hoc" formulas. Formulas in the key editor or formula calculator must have the parentheses balanced.