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CALC 1 Formula Graph

This view shows a graph of a Formula Calculator formula for a selected independent variable range.

From any Formula Calculator you enter the range of the independent variable, then tap "shift" and select the independent variable. In this example if the Polynomial 3 formula, variable x is graphed from -5 to 3.

Tap the styles button to choose the style of the graph.

Tap "Save to Photos" to save the graph to your Photos. From Photos the graph can be imported into other documents like Pages. The first time you do this the system will ask if CALC 1 can access your photos.

Done returns you to the Formula Calculator.

The help button displays this page.

You can use pan and pinch gestures on this graph.

The horizontal/vertical scaling is relative to the angle of your pinch gesture.

Double tap the graph to return to the original scale.