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Currency Conversions Form Calculator

You can access this form calculator two ways:

  1. Tap the CALC 1 logo (next to the display) on any Focused or Formula Calculator.
  2. Using the Form Calculators menu



When you return to your Focused or Formula Calculator, the last "To Value" will now be in the x register. The last x value can be recalled using the shiift-last x.

Tapping one of the buttons in the "Saved Conversions" will load the conversion calculator with those currencies.

Tap the save button to the left of the row to save the current conversions.

The "Create Key" button will copy a key to the clipboard the you can paste onto any Focused Calculator. Then you can perform that conversion by tapping a key. See Copy and Paste Keys for details.

The "Auto-Man" buttons allow you select how the currency rates will be updated. The reference rates are usually updated by 16:00 CET weekdays. See the link below for more details on the rates. There is a widget below to convert CET to local time.

The "As of:" date is the reference date of the rates. Tap the refresh button (next to the "Auto-Man button) for the latest available rates.

Below is an currency converter widget that has over 160 currencies. With this widget you can enter values into either field to calculate the other currency.


ECB: Euro foreign exchange reference rates



gmt to pst time