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CALC 1 Calculator Downloads

There are copies of the latest versions of the Focused and Formula calculators available for free by tapping the "Downloads" button at the bottom of the calculator list


The top section contains the list of calculators that you have, but there is a newer version available.

The bottom section contains the list of calculators that you do not have installed.

Tapping the rows will select/un-select calculators to download.

Tapping "All" will select all of the updates.

Tapping "Download" will download the selected calculators. They will appear at the top of your calculator list.

Tapping "Download & Replace" will download the selected calculators, then the old versions of the existing calculators being updated will be deleted and the new versions will be placed in the same order on the calculator list.

Deleted calculators will be saved in the History List where they can be restored.

These download are free to users of a full version of CALC 1 or Free CALC 1 with the Downloads In-App Purchase.