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CALC 1 Formula Calculator Editor

The CALC 1 formula calculators give the user a calculator that is dedicated to a formula that they use.

Video: Create Formula Calculator

From the Formula list, tap the edit button, then the add button. CALC 1 then creates a new Formula Calculator at the top of the list.

Select the blue "more info" button chevron button to the right of the formula name to display the formula editor.

formula editor


In the Labels and Hints section of the editor, the top label (PctCh in this example) is the name of the variable that will hold the result of formula. The label will be for the top left key.

If your formula is a call to a function, you need to give the label a different name that that of the function. Since the function name is a reserved word. See the SYD, SLN and DDB formula calculators for examples where we appended an "F" to the function name.

The remaining labels are for the dependent variables that appear in the formula.

The labels must match the formula variables in order for the formula calculator to work correctly.

The copy and paste icons will copy the formula calculator in XML format. This allows you to email the calculator or save it in your notes.


The add icon (+) will add a new label.