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Copy and Paste of 12CP Calculator Programs

A simple but useful feature was added to the CALC 1 12CP calculator to allow users to copy and paste program code.

This allows users to quickly enter programs without having to key them in. It also allows the program code to be shared.

The text box below contains the code for the ALG version of the Rent or Buy solution to try out.

  1. "Select all" and "copy" the codes in the text area.
  2. Open the CALC 1 12 CP calculator
  3. Switch to PRGM mode with f-R/S
  4. If the text above the BACK button is "COPY", that indicates there is a current program. If you wish to save that program, tap f-COPY and paste the code into your Notes app or any other app that will allow you to paste text. Then come back to this page and copy the code from the text area.
  5. Clear the existing program with f-PRGM. The text above the BACK button will display "PASTE"
  6. Press f-PASTE to enter the program code.
  7. Test the program per the instructions in the HP Manual.

The 12CP will only allow a PASTE of new instructions when the current program has been cleared with f-PRGM.

The code copied is a simple text file of integer key codes. These are the same key codes. you see on the calculator or in the manual but without the line numbers. If you need to see line numbers to debug a program, paste the codes into a spreadsheet with the first instruction at row 1.

Yes, someone familiar with the key codes can add or change the key codes (insert a new line) but if you do, don't forget to adjust the GTO (43,33,NNN) instructions. The PASTE command will accept any white space to separate the key codes.