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CALC 1 Plotting Overview

To communicate information clearly and efficiently CALC 1 provides expression plots, statistical plots (histograms, box plots and normal probability plots), scatter plots and Function Calculator plots.

The plotting is part of each of the Focused Calculators so the data and other functions with the calculator work together with the plotting to help you understand the data. 

The plots use Apple System Colors that automatically adapt to  both light and dark modes, vibrancy and changes in accessibility settings like Increase Contrast.

Expression Plotting

Most of the expression plotting is performed using the Expressions calculator. The plotting works together with the other expression keys to help you understand the expression.  For example, the shade plot and integration keys are adjacent and both use the current expression and parameters to give you a shaded plot of the integrated by simply tapping the "shade p" key for a visual confirmation.

The Expression plotting includes

Statistical Plotting

The 1 List StatisticsNormal Distribution and Student's t Distribution calculators provide plots for visualizing distributions.

Plotting keys common to each calculator

Plotting keys specific to the distributions

Scatter Plots

Each of the Curve Fitting calculators has a plot key to display a scatter plot of the current data with the curve fit of the calculator (LIN, Ln, EXP, PWR, Expnt, Inv).

The 2 Lists Statistics calculator plot key will plot the x-y lists data as a line plot.

Function Calculator Plots

Each of the Function Calculators will plot the function for any of the parameters.

Adding Titles and Labels with Annotations

Sharing a plot to another application (Notes for example) that supports annotation is a great way to add a title and other annotations to a plot.