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CALC 1 c1 User Option Properties

User options properties allow options to be set from a key script. This is a quick way to set options from a key without using the Options utility.

Property Description Example Result
optionsChangedNotification() Notifies the calculator app that there has been a change in the options. This needs to be called in a script that changes the options so the display will be updated. c1.optionsChangedNotification();  
maxFracDigits, maxFracDigits Maximum and minimum fractional digits. Typically they are set to be equal except in the "all" formatting key. c1.maxFracDigits = c1.rgx;  
rowsToDisplay The number of rows in the display. 1-4. This is not typically scripted since it can be changed with the swipe up/down gesture.    
keyClicks Boolean to turn key clicks on or off.    
displayStackLabels Boolean to turn the stack labels on or off.    
hideKeyPreviews Boolean to turn key previews on or off.    
hapticLevel Boolean to set haptic feedback on or off.    
useFractionDigits Boolean to use fractions. let maxFractionDenominator = c1.rgx;
c1.maxFractionDenominator = maxFractionDenominator;
c1.mostPrecise = false;
c1.fixedDemon = false;
c1.numberStyle = c1.NFSTYLEDEC;
c1.useFractionDigits = true;
c1.useSignificantDigits = false;
maxFractionDenominator Integer of the maximum fraction denominator.    
mostPrecise true :denominator can be ANY value less than maxFractionDenominator
false: use the fixedDemon property.

fixedDemon Only applies when mostPrecise = false.
true = denominator is not reduced.
false = any factor of the maxFractionDenominator.
useSignificantDigits Boolean to use significant digits.
When false, maxFracDigits is used for fixed format unless useFractionDigits is true.
let fracDigits = c1.rgx;
c1.maxFracDigits = fracDigits;
c1.minFracDigits = fracDigits;
c1.numberStyle = c1.NFSTYLEDEC;
c1.useSignificantDigits = true;
c1.useFractionDigits = false;
numberStyle The number style, NFSTYLEDEC, NFSTYLENONE, NFSTYLESCI c1.numberStyle = c1.NFSTYLEDEC  
NFSTYLEDEC Used to set numberStyle to set the number formatter style to decimal. c1.numberStyle = c1.NFSTYLEDEC 1
NFSTYLENONE Used to set numberStyle to set the number formatter style to none. c1.numberStyle = c1.NFSTYLENONE 0
NFSTYLESCI Used to set numberStyle to set the number formatter style to scientific. c1.numberStyle = c1.NFSTYLESCI 4