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Hypergeometric Distribution Calculator - PMF




See the Statistical Distributions Overview page for more statistical distribution calculators.


(From the Wikipedia poker example)

There are 4 clubs showing so there are 9 still unseen. There are 5 cards showing (2 in the hand and 3 on the table) so there are 52−5=47 still unseen.

The probability that neither of the next two cards turned are clubs can be calculated using hypergeometric with k=0,n=2,K=9 and N=47 (about 65.0%)

Value Keystrokes Display Description
47 N 47.00 Stores the N value.
9 K 9.00 Stores the K value.
2 n 2.0 Stores the n value.
0 k 0.00 Stores the k value.
  pmf 0.6503 Calculates the pmf.


Hypergeometric distribution - Wikipedia