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CALC 1 Ratios Calculator

This calculator features ratios calculations, A/B = C/D, along with basic calculator functions.

Many math and financial problems can be expressed as ratios. This calculator makes these calculations easier since you see the values on the key previews.

This calculator will calculate the A, B, C or D values base on the other 3 values.

Examples for this calculator:

Calculation Methods Used by CALC 1 for an overview of calculation methods.

Ratios Calculation Example 1

If a baseball pitcher allows 52 earned runs in 155 innings, what is his ERA, (earned runs per 9 innings)?

Value Keystrokes Display Description
  shift C ABCD 0 Clears the A, B, C, D values, B and D are set = 1.
52 A 52 Stores runs as the A value.
155 B 155 Stores innings pitched as the B value.
9 D 9 Stores the innings per game as the D value.
  C 3.02 Calculates earned runs per 9 inning, ERA.