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CALC 1 Curve Fitting Calculators

CALC 1 has several curve fitting calculators. You can use any one of them to enter data, then calculate the correlations, slope (m factor), intercept (bfactor) and calculate estimates.

All other, Ln, EXP, PWR, Expnt, INV


CALC 1 Curve Fitting Calculators
Name Model Examples
LIN y = intercept + slope * x Linear Examples
Ln y = b + m * ln(x) Logarithmic Examples
EXP y = b * exp(m * x) Exponential Examples
PWR y = b * x^m Power Examples
Expnt y = b * m^x Exponent Examples
Inv y = m / x + b Inverse Examples


Tapping maxCrrl key calculates the curve fit with the max correlation squared and returns a value for that curve fit. 1=LIN, ln, exp, pwr, expnt, 6=inv.

The History detail will tell you the curve fit and list the data.

The List Manager is used to inspect and edit the lists. The list data is saved in list x of the list manager.


Each of the curve fitting calculators has a "plot" key that will plot a scatter plot of the data with the curve fit for that calculator. 
Here is an example of a plot from the LIN curve fitting calculator:


For the shift keys:

Using the "long press" gesture will display a hint about any key. (Video: Displaying a hint) .

The STO "list 1" - "list 5" keys will store both lists x and y to the Data Manager.
The STO "list a" - "list f" and "list y" keys will store lists x to the respective lists that are global properties.

Storing and Recalling Numbers and Lists.