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Using the "+ Tax" Key On the Percentages Calculator

The "+ Tax" is used for percentage calculations for a fixed, often used percentage like calculating sales tax.

You store the sales tax rate once, then you can calculate the tax and total with one key stroke.

These examples use the Percentages Calculator

To Press (CHN, ALG or RPN) Display x Display y
Store a percentage of 6.75% 6.75 STO Pct 6.75  
Calculate "tax and total" on 100 100 + tax 106.75 6.75
Calculate "tax and total" on 95.26 95.26 + tax 101.69 6.43

In CHN or RPN mode, the y value is displayed if you have more than 1 row of the stack displayed.

In ALG mode, tap SWAP to see the y value. Pressing SWAP swaps the x and y registers.

The History details will have a record of the calculations that you can view and share.