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Using the "M+" Key On the Percentages Calculator

The "M+" key can be used to add a list of values. The advantage of using the M+ key over entering a "123+456+...." formula is that you can review and correct the individual values using the List Manager and get an updated sum without having to re-enter all of the values if you make a mistake.

M+ Example

To Press Display
Start by Clearing the M+ list. Shift CM  
Append to the list. 123 M+ 123.00
Append to the list. 456 M+ 579.00


Note that the display is updated with the sum of the list. Tap RCL, RM to recall the sum at a later time.

The History details will have a record of the list values that you can view and share. You can also restore the list at a later time from the History details.