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CALC 1 Calculator Properties Editor

This editor can be used to edit the text properties of a Focused Calculator.


Hide in List

You may need to keep a calculator in the database, but hidden. A example is for calculators used as parents of Function Calculators. They are needed in the list to be able to occasionally edit them, but you will not be using them as Focused Calculators since they are designed to not use the top row of keys. Or you may create a child calculator and no longer will use the parent.

Hidden calculators can be shown in the list by toggling the "view hidden" button so they can be edited. Hidden calculators will not appear as a calculator by swiping the display for the next calculator.

Open and Close Scripts

These are JavaScripts that will run automatically when the calculator is first opened and when it is closed.

Status Script

A JavaScript to build a status string for the calculator. The status is displayed with the calculator name at the top of the display. It typically displays 'DEG' or 'P/YR=12'.