CalcFxC has been temporarily removed from the App Store in order to update it for all of the new features of iOS 8.

December 6 update: I have had to create a new project for all of the iOS 8, iPhone 6 changes. It has taken more work than I thought since CalcFxC has a lot of screens and navigation. Thanks for your patience.

CalcFxC is a modern calculator and not a copy of an old calculator that is limited in functionality by the number of keys.
By providing more keys and functionality, you can perform calculations quickly and accurately because CalcFxC can "remember" more formulas so you don't need to.

You spend less time entering formulas

  • CalcFxC has over 500 keys organized among separate calculators.
  • You make fewer mistakes because you don't have to remember and key in as many formulas.
  • Since the CalcFxC Focused Calculators focus on one area, they don't need as many keys so there are fewer, larger keys.

CalcFxC uses both algebraic formulas and a stack with RPN.

  • They both are available full time without having to choose one or the other.
  • The algebraic formulas allow you to view all of the numbers and operators to check for mistakes before you tap the "=" key.
  • The stack holds the results of recent calculations.
  • Keys can return more than one result.
  • Allows you to use RPN, but doesn't force you.


  • Tap and hold any key to display a hint.
  • Tap the "info" (ⓘ) button on any calculator for online documentation for that calculator.
  • Online documentation includes examples, diagrams and videos.


  • CalcFxC keeps a complete history of all calculations it performs so you can verify them.
  • These history items can be printed or you can email them.


  • CalcFxC uses lists for statistics, cash flows and the "M+" key so you can review and edit your entries.
  • Using lists for statistics allows CalcFxC to perform calculations like median and mode that are not offered on old style calculators that aggregate your entries.

Form Calculators

  • CalcFxC has Form Calculators for TVM, Amortization, Bonds, and Depreciation.
  • Form Calculators make it easy to view all of the values and results at once.
  • Form Calculators have easy to use pickers for dates, date basis and payment frequency.
  • The CalcFxC Form Calculators share values with the respective Focused Calculators so you can easily take advantage of each type of calculator without having to re-enter the values.


  • CalcFxC is very easy to customize to reduce mistakes and save time.
  • All you need to know is how to copy and paste!
  • You can copy and paste keys to create your own custom calculator.
  • You can copy and paste formulas that you have already entered to create new custom keys as easily as you create a Contact to store a phone number.
  • Customization saves time and further reduces mistakes from entering formulas. CalcFxC makes customization easy.

CalcFxC also has the features you would expect from a modern calculator

  • Gestures to swipe to change calculators.
  • Pinch in and out to quickly change the number of decimal places.
  • Double tap to change the number of rows of the stack to display.
  • Undo support.
  • Styles to allow you to choose thousands of combinations of screen styles and key colors. Landscape and portrait layouts.
  • A universal app so you get both an iPhone and iPad version for one low price.