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Customization In-App Purchase

The Customization In-App purchase unlocks the most powerful features in CALC 1 to help you reduce mistakes and save time.

With Customization, you will be able to:

  1. Copy and paste keys to create YOUR calculator. Rearrange keys on a calculator or copy them from another calculator. You can also create your own Focused Calculator.
  2. Create new keys to have YOUR OWN 1-key solutions using the Key Editor. Also modify existing keys or view the formulas.
  3. Create Formula Calculators that focuses on a single formula.
  4. Reorder the list to put the calculators you use the most at the top of the list

Creating a new key to store a formula you use is similar to creating a Contact to store a phone number. Most of the time you copy a formula you already entered from the History List and paste it in the Key Editor. Then give it a label and you never have to enter that formula again!

Customization with CALC 1 does not involve programming. You enter spreadsheet compatible formulas and functions into the Key Editor or Formula Calculator Editor.