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CALC 1 Miscellaneous Functions


Function Description Example Result
abs(x) The absolute value of a number. abs(-1) 1
besselj(x,n) Calculates the Bessel function (cylinder function). besselj(25,3) 0.11
bessely(x,n) Calculates the modified Bessel function. bessely(25,3) 0.12
cbrt(x) Calculate the real cube root. cbrt(-23.78) -2.88
erf(lower, upper) Calculates the error function integrated between the lower and upper values. erf( 0, 1) 0.84
erfc(x) Calculates the complementary error function (complementary Gauss error function). erfc(1) 0.1573
fma(x, y, z) The fma() function compute (x*y)+z, rounded as one ternary operation. fma(20, 9/5, 32) 68
max(x,y) Returns the minimum value of the arguments. max(12,2) 12
min(x,y) Returns the maximum value of the arguments. min(12,2) 2
sign(x) The sign (as 1, 0 or -1) of a number. sign(1.55) 1
sqrt(x) The positive square root of a number. sqrt(4) 2
sqrtpi(x) The square root of (PI times a number). sqrtpi(4) 3.54