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CALC 1 Logarithm and Power Functions


Function Description Example Result
exp(x) Returns e raised to the power of x. exp(1.5) 4.48
exp2(x) Returns 2 raised to the power of x. exp2(1.5) 2.83
expm1(x) Computes the base-e exponential of x , minus 1 accurately even for very small values of x. expm1(1.5e-5) 0.0000150001125005625
ln(x) The natural logarithm of x. ln(1.55) 0.44
log(x, base) The logarithm of a number to the specified base. log(255, 2) 7.99
log10(x) The base_10 logarithm of a number. log10(405.55) 2.61
log1p(x) Computes the value of log(1+x) accurately even for very small values of x. log1p(1.50001125005625e-05) 1.50E-05
log2(x) The base_2 logarithm of a number. log2(1.55) 0.63
power(x,y) Computes x raised to the power y. POWER(x, y) returns the same result as x^y, but using the function will check x and y for possible errors when x <= 0. power(-1.06, 30) 5.74


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