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Probability of Odds Calculator

Calculates the win p for fractional odds.


Formula: sccs / (sccs + fail)

fail: The number of non-successful occurrences.

sccs: The number of successful occurrences.

Example 1

For 2:1 odds, what is the win probability?

Value Keystrokes Display Description
2 fail 2.0000 Stores the fail value.
1 sccs 1.0000 Stores the sccs value.
  p 0.3333 Calculates p.

Example 2

Calculate the odds for a win percentage of 25%.

These keystrokes assume the values from example 1.

Value Keystrokes Display Description
.25 p 0.2500 Stores the p value.
  fail 3.0000 Calculates the fail value.

So the odds are 3:1, since fail=3 and sccs = 1.


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