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Present Value Calculator

Also, Future Value, Payment and Number of Periods Calculators

These Formula Calculators calculates are provided to create graphs of N, PV, FV, PMT and FV.

General TVM calculations are handled better by the Time Value of Money calculators.


Formulas: The respective formulas used are shown in the History Details after each calculation.

PV : The present value

N : The number of periods

i/YR : The annual rate.

PMT: The periodic payment.

FV: The future value.

P/YR: The number of payments per year.

C/YR: The number of compounding periods per year.

Example 1 (Present Value Calculator)

Plot the PV (amount of loan) for the following loan for interest rates from 3% to 4%:

Value Keystrokes Display Description
360 N 360.00 Stores the N value.
-600 PMT -600.00 Stores the PMT value.
0 FV 0.00 Stores the FV value.
12 P/YR 12.00 Stores the P/YR value.
12 C/YR 0.00 Stores the C/YR value.
3 ENTER 3.00 Enters the minimum value.
4 shift+f(I/YR) plot Plot below of the PV as a function of I/YR

See the Formula Graph for more information.