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Percent Change with Periods Calculator

Calculates percent change from old value to new value with number of periods.


Formula: old * ( 1 + pctCh / 100)^max(1, pd)

old: The old value.

PctCh (Δ%): The percent change per period.

pd (n): The number of periods.

Example 1

If a 50,000 annual salary increases 2% per year, what will it be in 5 years?


Value Key Display Description
50000 old 50,000 Stores the old value.
2 Δ% 2.00 Stores the Δ% value.
5 n 5.00 Sores the number of periods.
  new 55,204.04 Calculates the new value.

Example 2

What is the percent change per period from example 1 if the new value is 57,000?

These keystrokes assume the values from example 1.


Value Keys Display Description
57000 new 57,000.00 Stores the new value.
  Δ% 2.66 Calculates the Δ%.