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Elo Calculator

Calculates the expected score of a player with an Elo rating Ra against a player with an Elo rating Rb.



Formula: 1/(1+10^(-(Ra-Rb)/400))

Ra: Rating of player a.

Rb: Rating of player b.

Example 1

For a player with a rating of 1600, what is their expected score against a player rated 1450?


Value Keystrokes Display Description
1600 Ra 1,600.0000 Stores the Ra value.
1450 Rb 1,450.0000 Stores the Rb value.
  Ea 0.7034 Calculates Ea.

Example 2

Calculate the rating of an opponent where the expected score of player a is 0.6.

These keystrokes assume the values from example 1.


Value Keystrokes Display Description
.6 Ea 0.6000 Stores the Ea value.
  Rb 1,529.5635 Calculates the Rb value.


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