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BMI Calculator (kg m)

Calculates Body Mass Index for height in metres and weight in kilograms.


Formula: kg / m^2

kg: Weight in kilograms

m: Height in metres.

Example 1

Calculate the BMI for a person who weighs 77 kgs and is 1.8m tall.

Value Keystrokes Display Description
77 kg 77.0000 Stores the kg value.
1.8 m 1.8000 Stores the m value.
  BMI 23.7654 Calculates BMI.

Example 2

Find the weight for a BMI of 25 for the person in example 1.

These keystrokes assume the values from example 1.

Value Keystrokes Display Description
25 BMI 25.0000 Stores the BMI value.
  kg 81.0000 Calculates the kg value.


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