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Common Conversions Calculator

This conversion calculator is used for common conversions of different quantities using a single tap or shift-tap.

It features five conversions from U.S. UOMs to SI UOMs and their inverse conversions.

The Conversion Form Calculator provide many more conversions. It also has a "Create Key" button that will create keys that you can add to this calculator.

The Create Key button was used to create the buttons on this calculator.

There are two currency conversion when shift is tapped; usd-cad and cad-usd. These conversion use the current exchange rates and give you "1-tap" conversions. Other conversions can be easily created using the "Create Key" button on the Currency Conversions calculator.

There is also a custom key, "cad/L-us" that will convert CAD/L to USD/GAL with 1 tap.

For example, I see on Gas Buddy that in Toronto the going price is 91.9/L. Enter 91.9 then tap "cad/L-us" and the result is 2.51 USD/GAL. You will get different results depending on the current exchange rates.


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