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CALC 1 Statistics: 1 List Examples

Calculate the sum, mean, sample standard deviation and sample variance for the following data:



Value Key Display Description
  shift clr l 0 Clears the x list.
2 Σ+ 1.0000 Append x to list x.
3 Σ+ 2.0000 Append x to list x.
4 Σ+ 3.0000 Append x to list x.
5 Σ+ 4.0000 Append x to list x.
6 Σ+ 5.0000 Append x to list x.
  Σx 20.0000 Calculates the sum of list x.
  mean 4.0000 Calculates the mean of list x.
  stdev 1.5811 Calculates the sample standard deviation of list x.
  var 2.500 Calculates the sample variance of list x.


Opening the List Manager

Toolbar Button or from the main menu,

You can verify the values.

These other functions are available by pressing shift:


Value Key Display Description
  medn 4.0000 Calculates the median of list x.
  stdvp 1.4142 Calculates the population standard deviation of list x.
  varp 2.0000 Calculates the population variance of list x.
  Σx^2 90.0000 Calculates the sum of the squares of the values in list x
  N 5.0000 Calculates the count of list x.
  mode   Calculates the mode of list x. (no mode for this data)
  min 2.0000 Calculates the minimum value of list x.
  max 6.0000 Calculates the maximum value of list x.
  range 4.0000 Calculates the range of list x.
  geom 3.7279 Calculates the geometric mean of list x.
  harm 3.4483 Calculates the harmonic mean of list x.
  avgdv 1.2000 Calculates the average deviation of list x.
  devsq 10.0000 Calculates the sum of squares of deviations from the mean of list x.
  kurt -1.2000 Calculates the kurtosis of list x.
  mltnml 9.7770E10 Calculates the multinomial of list x.
  prod 720.0000 Calculates the product of the values of list x.
4 nrm 0.5000 Calculates the cumulative distribution function for x using the current μ and σ, for 1 tail.
5.5 std scr 1.0607 Calculates the standard score for x using the current mean and population standard deviation.
5.5 t-stat 0.9487 Calculates the t-statistics for x using the current mean and sample standard deviation.



See the Probability and Statistics Functions for links to more information on these functions.