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Financial Bonds Examples

CALC 1 will calculate price, accrued interest and yield for 5 standard day calculation bases and 3 frequencies.

The Bonds Form Calculator uses the same data and functions as the Financial Bonds Calculator but has the advantages of using pickers for the dates, date basis and frequency.

Price Example:

What price should you pay on April 28, 2004 for a 6.75% U.S. Treasury Bond that matures June 4, 2018 if you want a yield of 4.75%?

Value Key Display Description
shift clr f Clears the financial registers.
6.75 STO CpnR 6.75 Stores the coupon rate.
4.75 YTM 4.75 Stores the yield to maturity using autoSTO (AS)
40428 STO S Date 40,428 Stores the settlement date in YYYYMMDD format.
180604 STO M Date 180604 Stores the maturity date in YYYYMMDD format.
  STO AA 1.00 Stores the date basis to actual/actual
  PRICE 120.38 Calculates the price.


In the y register is the accrued interest of 2.69.

In RPN calculation mode, tap + to calculate the total price of 123.07.

In ALG mode, tap SWAP, then + RCL PRICE =

The display will read "rg(x)+fvPrice"

In CHN mode, tap +, ROLL, =


The default day basis is 30/360 so be sure to set the day basis.

The default frequency is 2 (semi), so you only need to set the frequency as required.

This is how the above example looks on the Bonds Form Calculator

Bonds Form Calculator with example

Yield Example

Calculate the yield for the example if the price is 122.125

Value Key Display Description
122.125 PRICE 122.125 Stores the price.
  YTM 4.60 Calculates the yield.

Call Example

This is only available on the Bonds (call) Focused Calculator.
Calculate the yield if the call is 105.

Value Key Display Description
105 STO call 105.00 Stores the new call
  YTM 4.82 Calculates the yield.