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CALC 1 Curve Fitting: Power Example

Calculate the correlation, m factor, b factor and estimates for the following data:

2 33
3 42
4 54
5 64
6 77

sum plus will clear the x and y lists.

Data entry:

For x=2 and y=33




sum plus

Repeat for the remaining data.

sum plus will calculate the sum of x and y so you can check if the data was entered correctly.

For this example the sum of x is 20 and the sum of y is 270.

Any entry errors in the data can be easily corrected using the List Manager.

Data can be shared between the LIN, LN, EXP and PWR curve fitting calculators as long as the required values are >0.


sum plus Calculates the correlation of 0.9957

sum plus Calculates the m factor of of 0.7707

sum plus Calculates the b factor of 18.7479


Find the estimate of y for x=6 and x=2.

6 sum plus Calculates the estimate of 74.5850

2 sum plus Calculates the estimate of 31.9851