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CALC 1 Curve Fitting: Inverse (INV) Example

y = m/x + b

Calculate the correlation, m factor, b factor and estimates for the following data:

2 33
3 42
4 54
5 64
6 77


Data Entry
Value Key Display Description
  shift clr l 0 Clears the x and y lists.
33 = (CHN, ALG) or ENTER (CHN, RPN) 33.0000 Enters y value.
2 Σ+ 1.0000 Append x and y to lists x and y.
42 = or ENTER 42.0000 Enters y value.
3 Σ+ 2.0000 Append x and y to lists x and y.
Repeat for the remaining data.

Data can be verified and corrected using the List Manager.

  shift Σx,y 270.00 y
20.00 x
Calculates the sum of lists x, y.
  crrl -0.9342 Calculates the correlation coefficient between lists x, y.
  m fct -122.3 Calculates the m factor.
  b fct 89.45 Calculates the b factor.
6 y est 69.08 Calculates the estimate of y.
3 y est 48.70 Calculates the estimate of y.
50 shift x est 3.099 Calculates the estimate of x.
  shift maxCrrl 1.000 Calculates the curve fit with the max correlation squared. 1=LIN, ln, exp, pwr, expnt, 6=inv. So for this data, LIN is the best fit.