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CALC 1 Calculator List

These lists are used to

Duplicating a Formula Calculator allow you to have separate calculators for different sets of data.
Duplicating a Focused Calculator should be done when creating custom calculators so your custom calculator is not replaced by an update.

Mailing a calculator will allow you to mail a copy of a the calculator. Then from mail, the recipient can select the file to "copy to CALC 1". The new calculator will be at the top of the calculator list. You will see it when you load the list from the home screen. This allows users to mail custom calculators to others or to another device.

By tapping the "Edit" button you can

By Tapping the Downloads button, a list of available calculators to download will appear. The new calculator will appear at the top of the list.

If you updated to CALC 1 from a previous version there may be new calculators to download.

Deleted calculators will be saved in the History List where they can be restored.

The Formula Calculator list has an edit button (the center button in the screen shot) that will display the Calculator Editor for the Formula Calculators.